Why Direct is Useful: New Features from Developers

Today Instagram is not only a convenient service for sharing photos, but also a social network where users communicate comfortably in the comments and in Direct. Using the Direct functionality, you can even now buy Instagram story views or just make new friends. Developers are constantly upgrading features related to Direct. Soon, one more restriction in communication will be removed.


  1. Why Direct?
  2. Benefits of communication on Instagram
  3. Chatting with friends and fans
  4. What’s new?
  5. Why are innovations useful?
  6. Conclusion

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Why Direct?

The Direct button is necessary for personal communication on Instagram. Using this feature, users can communicate with each other privately. Communication can take place both between two users, and with a whole group of friends. Here you can exchange photos, messages, respond to stories and communicate with the audience.

Benefits of communication on Instagram

There are many advantages of having Direct on Instagram. Thanks to the function, users can always keep in touch with their followers. In addition, with the help of Direct you can get more views on Instagram, as this makes it possible to communicate with the audience directly. You can send photos right away to another user to quickly gain views on Instagram.

The Direct button is located in the upper right corner. By tapping the button, the user goes to a special section where they see all correspondence with other users.

Chatting with friends and fans

If you want to become an Instagram influencer, then communication with the audience on Instagram will be the best option. Many bloggers who want to set their own trends and increase the number of followers forget about the most important thing, that is, about direct messaging with the audience. On Instagram, it is possible thanks to Direct. Here, followers can ask you any questions or ask for your advice. Do not be afraid to respond to the fans. This will help increase audience loyalty and significantly increase their activity.

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What’s new?

Recently, messages have started to appear from some users who claim that they have a “Direct” button in the web version of Instagram. Nowadays, the opportunity to use personal correspondence is only in the app version for smartphones. It turned out that the developers have long been working on this innovation. Soon everyone will have the opportunity to communicate not only in the official app, but also directly on the site.

Why are innovations useful?

Previously, users could conduct personal correspondence and reply to their friends and fans only through the Instagram app. When the developers will finally improve the web version and add the Direct feature, it will be possible to correspond from a laptop or PC. Therefore, if you don’t have a phone at hand, you can always open the site and reply to everyone in personal correspondence. This is a great opportunity to use Instagram as a social network for those who do not like to constantly use their smartphone. It remains only to wait for the opportunity to add photos in the web version.


Now Instagram is one of the most popular social networks. Here, people not only exchange photos, but also publish posts with news from their lives or from the world, and also share opinions about social events. Direct gives the opportunity to communicate in personal correspondence, exchanging messages, videos and stories.

After the appearance of the communication function in the web version of Instagram, chatting will become much more convenient, since users will not have to reach for their phone each time, wanting to send a message. This will be done on the site from PC or laptop.