Using Instagram for Business Promotion

The development of social networks has reached its peak and not a single serious business can do without having an account in several popular services. Even big state and energy companies promote their activities in social networks and are exploring ways, how to get many likes on Instagram.


  • Why businesses need Instagram accounts
  • Tell about the life of the company
  • Introduce the employees
  • Maintaining a corporate account
  • Successful case studies
  • IT companies
  • Energy industry

Why businesses need Instagram accounts

The image of a contemporary big company is formed not only based on its achievements, but also based on the work of the PR department. Not that long ago, experienced marketers came to the conclusion that a great way to popularize a business is to create an online image. Social networks are used as the most common platforms: Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram. The last site has the greatest advantages. The point is in its popularity, in the ability to work with the audience flexibly, and monitor the development of the account.

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Tell about the life of the company

The most important task of a corporate Instagram account is to show the potential customers how the work is going, and also to ensure the relationship between customers and business. To do this, you can post short Stories about the updates, as well as just funny Stories from the life of the office. It is also necessary to closely monitor the comments, communicate with the followers. It is important to put likes on certain comments, but there should not be too many of them. To control, there is a special feature to view your likes on Instagram.

Introduce the employees

Another interesting concept for maintaining a corporate account is to introduce employees to the followers. This can be done in several ways, but the experience suggests that short Stories are the most efficient way. For example, the manager will tell the story of how he got this job, possibly with short informal comments. You can also tell the same story about the head of the company. This will show the manager as an ordinary person the followers, and the entire company – not as a large corporation, but as live people with their thoughts and experience.

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Maintaining a corporate account

Today, special employees are hired for maintening of a corporate account in social networks. Most often, this role is performed by the competent professionals in the field of SMM, but often (especially at the early stages), people from other areas get engaged in communications. In general, the main task of such a company is to show the company to the others. Large corporations prefer to rely upon the third-party outsource companies in all the questions in the field of SMM. This allows to save the resources, as well as build internal economics of the business more efficiently.


Today, a personal account on Instagram is a mandatory attribute of not only avid party-goers, but also of the most companies on the market. An exception might be a narrow category of enterprises whose customers are unlikely to use social networks.