The last update of Instagram

Instagram is an app that can be installed on any mobile device. Its developers are constantly improving it by adding new options. Not so long ago, the owners of Instagram accounts had the opportunity to make a dark mode. Dark mode allows you to strain your vision less, especially in the dark. Modern smartphones have the ability to install this innovation in their settings. But not everyone knows how to change Instagram to dark mode of the owner of older operating systems. And if you don’t like it, you should know how to turn off dark mode on Instagram.


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How to set dark mode in Instagram

Instagram next update in it can please with convenient options. If you have a smartphone that has the Android 10 or IOS 13 operating system installed, you need to go to the display settings and set the “dark mode” theme. After that, you should go to Instagram, and the app’s theme will change automatically. For android 9 pie owners, go to the Instagram settings and also select the appropriate theme. But it is important that the Instagram version is updated. You can check the update in the app store.

Other options for Instagram

The developers of the Instagram app are constantly working on It. Using the new options helps account owners in this social network to promote their profile, increasing the number of subscribers and getting a large number of likes. For example, the story function. Although it appeared a few years ago, its popularity continues to increase daily. With stories, you can share absolutely any information without cluttering up your subscribers ‘ news feed. Stories are very convenient for those who conduct Raffles and contests of reposts. The advantages of short videos are that they are stored on the page for 24 hours. And the owners of the account in Instagram the use of stories allows you to see who watched their videos.

Filters and masks in Instagram

To take an original photo, Instagram users often use different masks and filters. Instagram has a built-in feature that allows you to take interesting and funny photos and videos. Funny and colorful animal masks are popular not only among children, but also among adult Instagram users. And for the girls a nice feature is that you can shoot a selfie with absolutely no makeup on. After all, in the options of Instagram, there is such a possibility, with the help of which the appearance flaws are instantly hidden and a stunning make-up appears.

Attracting new Instagram followers

To make a profile popular, you need to have a large audience. You can attract subscribers for free, but you need to spend a lot of time to do this. It is important not only the number of followers, but also their quality. It is not necessary to add an automated page that will soon be blocked by the administration of Instagram. It is better to gradually gain an online audience that can evaluate posts, put likes, leave comments, and make reposts.

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A quick way to increase the number of followers on Instagram

Experienced bloggers are advised not to spend a lot of time on account promotion, but to contact specialists who can increase Instagram likes, followers and views in a short time. For example, the All-SMM service, whose specialists have been successfully developing accounts in this social network for several years. The cost of the service is very profitable, in addition, the employees of this service constantly arrange various promotions and offer profitable packages of services. All expenses are paid off in the shortest possible time, as the account’s rating increases dramatically, which leads to an increase in revenue.

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Using Instagram allows any user to start making money on this social network, without having to invest money. Successful bloggers do what they love and earn great money. And to keep the number of subscribers constantly increasing, we recommend using all the modern features of Instagram, as well as monitoring the update of this application.