Stories in Instagram

Many Instagram users are interested in: how to make Instagram story highlight covers and how to add highlight on Instagram. These questions and many other questions related to the functionality of stories regularly pop up on thematic forums and in articles. For example, with the advent of the ability to save stories, people began to think about how to choose dimensions for Instagram highlight cover. Below we will try to understand where the stories came from, what impact they had on the social network, as well as find out what are the ways to interact with subscribers and how you can promote your own account.


  • The emergence of stories
  • Interactive stories
  • Response to question
  • Reposts
  • Post announcements
  • Promote your account with stories
  • Conclusion

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The emergence of stories

The ability to publish your own stories appeared in the social network Instagram in 2016. This is not a unique development — originally this utility appeared in another social network — Snapchat. However, the tasks of these two services are somewhat different from each other. In the end, the history of Instagram eventually replaced the ordinary posts. Today, the vast majority of users first look at the new stories of their friends, and then, if there is time, study the feed and new posts.

Interactive in stories

The stories service has become a great tool for conducting a variety of interactivity with your subscribers. This is due to the fact that users massively watch other people’s stories. In the stories, you can publish questions from the audience, the advertisement simply beautiful photos and videos. There are no restrictions, except for temporary ones. However, you can publish several stories in a row and thus you will not be limited in time. What interesting and popular interactivity exist?

Response to question

A great opportunity to communicate with your own audience — to answer their questions with stories. This works in a very simple way: the user publishes the first story, in which he encourages all the guests of his profile to ask him questions. These may be thematic questions, for example, about an event. And there may be General questions about life. Depending on the number of subscribers, questions may take several minutes, or several days. In the end, the challenge is to answer most of them. Answers are also published in stories. In addition, these stories can be saved so that subscribers have the opportunity to remember about this interactive and find out your opinion on some important issue for them.


With stories, many users prefer to share content with subscribers. For example, the account owner may come across an interesting record. Placing it on your page may seem superfluous — such a post is knocked out of the General feed. But to place a repost in your history is a great way out. You can share information with your subscribers, expand your reach, increase your engagement, and not ruin the look of your account. It should be borne in mind, however, that if you do not configure the preservation of stories, then after a day they disappear. Therefore, if the account owner wants to save the repost forever, you need to configure the history storage function. To do this, you can choose individual covers and a special name.

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Post announcements

Another way to use stories is to announce your new posts in them. Today, many users do not use their feed to view fresh content. They open Instagram, watch stories, and then close the app. This means that the account owner must do everything possible to hold the attention of existing followers and get new subscribers. You can do this by publishing a story that will send the person to the post. However, it is necessary to address the user gently: invite him to click on the link to get acquainted with the new content. It is worth adding that the content itself should be interesting. It doesn’t have to be just a short video or a photo. It is best if it is a selection of photos, as well as a small text with a discussion about the urgent. It is this content that attracts the most attention in modern Instagram.

Account promotion with stories

Many users try to make their account more popular by publishing stories. However, practice shows that the stories are mostly viewed by subscribers — new users prefer to look at the posts that are posted by the account owner. Therefore, using stories for promotion is not the best solution. But there are exceptions. For example, if an author buys ads and increases the flow of users, this is the best time to publish several stories. New visitors to the page will be interested and will see this content. This will increase their engagement and the likelihood that they will click on the “subscribe” button. At the same time, you should not get too carried away — just three or five stories.

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To sum up, it should be noted that the appearance of the stories function has significantly influenced the development vector of Instagram. If earlier users spent more time in the app and paid more attention to the study of other people’s posts, now the stories came out on top. The account owner opens the app, views the stories of their friends, and then a few posts. It also significantly affected the Instagram advertising market. Prices for publishing stories are rising, and the demand for such integration is growing. Therefore, the owner of a popular account should take into account the changes and adapt to them.