Sponsored posts on Instagram: main advantages and disadvantages

Are you planning to promote your personal brand via Instagram? Then sponsorship marks and collaborations are exactly what you need! Next, we tell you what it is and how to use it!


  1. Learn more about the tool

1.1. Main advantage

1.2. Disadvantages

  1. Opinion of experts

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Learn more about the tool

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, offering almost limitless opportunities for promotion and promotion. Characterized by a large and quite loyal audience, it allows you to increase brand awareness in just a few months, attract paying and interested customers in the proposed product. A key tool for achieving these goals is collaboration with top bloggers and opinion leaders.

For a long time, Instagram collaboration marketing in remained a big secret. Advertising was made as native and natural as possible, served in the format of friendly advice and recommendations. Users who were not yet used to such a format of exposure sincerely believed that the products or services recommended to them really have the qualities and characteristics that their idol praises so much. However, gradually the veil of secrecy fell from Instagram collaboration email, and all contracts and agreements became public. Of course, what happened could not but make the management of the social network think about the corporate policy regarding advertising content.

In order to somehow control and regulate such activities, a new tool was introduced- Instagram sponsored posts. In fact, this is a regular post where a blogger shares positive impressions about a product. The only difference is that there is an inscription on the top: “Sponsor of this publication… (and then a clickable link to the advertiser’s brand account).

The opinions of SMM specialists and marketers about the new option are strongly divided! Some are absolutely sure that it does not have significant advantages. On the contrary, it can permanently undermine the brand’s credibility. Others argue the opposite point of view, saying that this is a cool tool that can help a young brand easily collect more than 1000 likes for Instagram in a couple of hours. To understand who is right in a heated dispute, it is necessary to analyze all the advantages and disadvantages.

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Main advantage

Among the undeniable advantages can be identified:

  • Openness and transparency-from now on, users know exactly what commercial content is in front of them, so they can decide how to treat it.
  • Growing trust in the account – since the audience understands that no one is trying to deceive them by putting out explicit advertising for friendly advice, they are friendlier towards the blogger.
  • Increase brand awareness-working with several millionaire bloggers, you get dizzying coverage that no collaboration with TV, radio, or paper publications can provide.

Thus, there are quite a lot of advantages, and all of them are significant.


As for the disadvantages, there is only one-the disappearance of the very Nativity. In other words, now subscribers can personally monitor the number of advertising contracts of their idol. Of course, this does not benefit internal interactions, and if the approach is wrong, it can undermine trust altogether.

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Opinion of experts

What do professionals say about the new tool? SMM specialists treat it quite contradictory. So, for example, if the sponsor’s mark is placed in the account of some top person (for example, Kendall Jenner), this is undeniably good. However, open collaborations with micro-bloggers are a dubious solution.

Thus, the sponsor’s level of innovation, which is the place to be. However, you can only get results from it with the right approach.