Secret Tricks of Editing Instagram Posts

Have you uploaded an Instagram post and found a bad grammar mistake? Do not despair! The social network allows to edit the posted materials, eliminating the inaccuracies and errors. In the article we will share useful tricks and life hacks on this subject!


  1. Editing posts

1.1 Tagging accounts

1.2. Adding geolocation

  1. Trending posts

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Editing posts

Without high quality content, it will not be easy to gain followers on Instagram fast. However, even careful thought over of small details and nuances, a detailed study of the material does not protect you from small typos and inaccuracies. So, for example, adding the next post, you can forget to put down the hashtags, not tag the geolocation, or simply make an insulting (but so noticeable!) grammar or spelling mistake. Do not despair, because there is a solution, i.e. to edit Instagram post! This can be done using a special button located in the image menu.

How to edit Instagram post:

  • Open a record that requires changes and adjustments.
  • Click on the button with three dots.
  • In the pop-up context menu we find the line “Edit”, tap on it.
  • Make all necessary manipulations.
  • Tap on “Finish.”

What exactly can you edit in this way? Firstly, clean the text under the post, eliminate existing errors and flaws. Secondly, add hashtags, emoticons or separators.

Important: changing photo or video content is not possible. Many people wonder whether it is possible to impose another filter or add effects after posting? No, unfortunately, this option is not available, and no changes are expected in the nearest future.

Tagging accounts

A couple of years ago, the editing procedure allowed tagging other users on a photo or video. However, recent updates have removed this opportunity. The only option to make a tag is to delete the post and add a new one, without forgetting to tag the desired profile.

However, such manipulations are not recommended if you want to collect a large number of likes. The fact is that they affect the issuance process, they can cause the smart feed not to show your materials to some followers.

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Adding geolocation

Yes, this option is still available. Below is a step-by-step instruction on how to do this:

  • Open a post that needs proofreading.
  • Press the button with three dots.
  • Select the “Edit” item.
  • Tap on the line “Add geolocation” located above the post.
  • Do not forget to tap “Finish”.

Trending posts

To remain interesting to the audience, it’s not enough just to make funny Instagram posts. You must actively monitor current trends, respond quickly to the latest news.

What is popular on the social network today?

  • animated videos – holding the eyes, making watch it until the end;
  • gradient transitions – aesthetically pleasing, motivate to follow and stay tuned;
  • IGTV – a new service with more sensitive algorithms;
  • situational content – always up-to-date and good;
  • masks – today only the lazy users do not create them!

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Summing it up, we can conclude that Instagram is a very promising social platform that opens up almost limitless possibilities. Featuring simple and understandable functionality, it allows to edit posts, create interesting and creative content, and promote your brand in every possible way.