Quick Instagram Likes without Tasks

To make a regular account on Instagram, not belonging to any celebrity, popular, one has to use smart methods. It is possible at the first stage to increase likes on Instagram, so that later live people would go to the page, see activity and become interested in the content. Some of these people will sign up, and an account with a ‘fake’ popularity will gradually begin to acquire real one.

But how does Instagram likes boost without tasks for free work? There are various services specializing in this.


  • Specializing sites
  • What could these sites offer?
  • Payments security
  • What is important when promoting?

Specializing sites

Even on the first page of search by the query ‘Instagram likes boost without tasks’ there will appear a lot of sites providing this kind of services. The difference between them lies in the cost and the quality of work. Of course, these parameters depend on each other.

Sites involve payments of two types: tasks and money. The first method involves the implementation of relevant tasks like following on Instagram, watching videos and stories, putting likes, i.e. users themselves mutually increase the activity in each other’s accounts. But it takes time and is less efficient than Instagram likes boost without tasks for free, done for money and not requiring any user’s participation in the process, but for specifying the required parameters.

Is it possible to boost Instagram likes without any tasks for free? Yes, there are such sites, but they give the worst result. Nevertheless, if promotion of an account is required not for advertising purposes, but ‘just for yourself’, you can use them as well, at least try their work. Also, some services offer a demo version of their services for free, and it also could be used. The total number of likes will be less than in the full version, but since the method is free, this is going to be a good result.

What could these sites offer?

There is a description of services and conditions on every site’s home page. In general, this is the ratio of the number of likes and their cost, the presence or absence of additional followers, bonuses and discounts and so on.

To improve the result, especially when using a free boost, it is better to use several services with different features.

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Payments security

In order for the money spent to bring the desired result, and not to be stolen by scammers, you should first read the reviews about the selected site. Usually unscrupulous people are already on the “black list”, so information about them is available, because surely the victims warn others about the fraud.

What is important in the promotion?

Ideally, likes from the accounts from the corresponding country are needed, preferably even from a particular city. However, not all services allow you to make such a sample, especially for free and for cheap. The description of the site should indicate its capabilities and the intended results. Most often, they offer just the number of likes increase coming from the accounts from all over the world and do not promise any additional activity such as following or photo views. This is OK for those who need visual popularity without further prospects for the page development. But also at the initial stage of account’s promotion, this method could be used, because the new visitors will see the number of likes and get interested about what attracted the people’s attention.

Thus, the promotion of an account on Instagram may not take much time and does not require large investments. But this is an excellent contribution to the future, because later it will let you to make money from advertising and get recognition from real people.