Likes on Instagram

Likes in social networks are one of the main indicators that each post has. This tool first appeared in social networks during the formation of Facebook, when the main solutions were under development. Instagram likes appeared simultaneously with the creation of the social network in 2010. Various tools are now available to search Instagram likes. In addition, many people are wondering how to get 50 likes on Instagram for a new post. There are several ways, which will be discussed below.


  • What is like
  • What does the number of likes affect?
  • Post promotion
  • Display in the feed
  • is it possible to buy likes
  • Purchase of advertising
  • Buy promotion
  • Conclusion

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What is like

Like is a feature that is available in a variety of social networks. It serves as a positive assessment of a particular material. In some cases, it is called “I like”, “Class” or “Approve”. In Instagram, you can put a like on any post by double-clicking on a photo or video. In addition, under each post, you can see how many people clicked like and who exactly did it-a whole list of users opens.

What does the number of likes affect?

In Instagram, like is not just an assessment, but also an internal tool of the social network. Depending on the number of likes, a special algorithm determines what will happen next with the post. It can be included in the list of interesting photos, and other users can see it. Thus, the total number of impressions of a post directly depends on the number of likes. However, it is necessary to consider in a little more detail how the number of  Instagram likes affects the fate of the publication.

Post promotion

The first thing you should know about is the promotion of the post for all users. Each social network user has their own list of interests. This list is formed based on subscriptions and viewed posts. If a person frequently visits pages with comics, then more often they will come across posts with comics. However, there are many such posts. Therefore, the number of likes is taken into account to determine what the user will see.

Display in the feed

In addition, the number of likes also affects the position of the post in the feed for subscribers. If a post has a lot of likes, it will be higher in the feed than other posts. This system appeared relatively recently — before that, posts were published in accordance with the time of their placement in the social network. However, the developers felt that this display method is more fair and convenient for users.

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Can I buy likes

Many people are trying to find out if you can buy likes. Today, there are two ways: buy ads for a specific post and buy likes directly. Both methods are suitable in certain situations. If you need to buy a certain amount of likes, then it can be done with the help of special services, which will be discussed below. If you are interested in a comprehensive promotion, it is best to contact specialists, or do the analysis yourself.

Buying ads

Advertising in social networks appeared a long time ago. However, today it has reached a huge scale. Each service has its own solutions that allow users to run ads based on a targeted model. That is, only potential customers interested in this content will see a certain post. This system allows you to advertise a product or post with greater efficiency.

Buying likes

A separate purchase of likes is also appropriate when we are promoting your Instagram account. If you want to buy likes, it’s best to use a specialized service like All-SMM. This is a convenient way that allows you to adjust the number of likes and buy them both in single and large quantities.

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In conclusion, we should say that likes in social networks are a convenient tool that allows you to not only determine the attitude of people to the publication, but also to collect some data. This data can then be used to promote products and services. This decision has significantly affected the advertising market.