Instagram-security 2.0 with codes

Instagram brings people closer with photos, videos, and messages. However, the joy of using the social network can be overshadowed by problems with Instagram security settings. This article will help you figure out how to solve the problem with security codes for Instagram.


  • Don’t get codes from Instagram
  • Classic way
  • Stay in touch with technical support
  • 100% guarantee of receiving codes
  • Reasons for the security code in Instagram

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Don’t get codes from Instagram

Several reasons can prevent the delivery of codes from the social network to the smartphone:

●     the phone number was entered with an error in the settings;

  •  the previous owner of the number has already created an account in this network;
  • your account could have been hacked;

●    errors on the part of the mobile operator (very rare reason).

When security check Instagram is cannot be passed, the first step is to eliminate the error in specifying the number. To do this, check carefully what number is specified. The following methods will help you solve this problem.

Classic way

Changing your phone number to another one is the easiest way. It is not necessary to immediately run to the mobile operator for a new SIM card. You can use the number of relatives who are not registered in this social network.

Be aware of the security of your account. When the problem is solved, you need to try again to link your phone to your account.

When entering a new number worked, you can say with 100% probability that the previous number was used earlier to register an account by another person.

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In touch with technical support

A message to technical support will help you solve the problem safely for your data. On the site you can create a query for any problem.

When creating a request, specify your phone number, methods of communication with you. Be sure to enter the account that has a problem with SMS codes.

The letter has been sent, wait for a response. It will contain instructions on how to solve your problem.

100% guarantee of receiving codes

Every day, more than 500 million people visit Instagram. Some people have different questions that they write to support. Therefore, support may not always respond quickly enough.

If you want to go to a social network now, you can use special services to provide one-time numbers. The scheme of work is as follows. It is necessary to register in such a service (most often they are paid, but cheap). Create a virtual phone number. After you specify it in Instagram, the security code will be sent to this service, then the service will send it to you.

It is important to monitor your safety. After restoring access to your account, link your new real number in the settings. Even if you need to buy a new SIM card, do it. You should not allow third parties to log in to your account.

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Reasons for the security code in Instagram

The most common reason for the request for confirmation of identity via SMS authentication is excessive hyperactivity of users.

Someone earns by getting money for a like. Someone is trying to promote Instagram profile, through different programs to cheat likes. Automatic social network algorithms are able to track actions that violate the rules. The punishment for such actions can be a complete account lockdown.

All-SMM service will help to promote your account in a legal way. You can buy Instagram likes, followers and views. Guaranteed adherence to the rules of Instagram, safe for the account, will help to attract the target audience to the account or records.

Account hacking may be the reason for its blocking. To keep control of your account, you need to change your password, change the two-step authorization number, and link your Instagram account to other social networks.

In conclusion, social networks know a lot of personal information about a person. Therefore, the security account must be in the first place. And that, in case of problems with your account, your photos and records are not lost, you can configure their import in Vkontakte. Double storage ensures the safety of valuable memories.