How to Manage and Promote an Instagram Page of the Bar

Today Instagram is the most common social network. People spend hours there just browsing through photos and videos. But what if at least some of this time is spent with benefit?


  • Specifics of the promotion of the accounts with “alcoholic” subjects
  • Inviting famous bloggers
  • Other ways to promote bars
  • Conclusion

Specifics of the promotion of the accounts with “alcoholic” subjects

If you are an SMM specialist who has an order to promote a blog of a bar or you are the owner of such a bar, you may encounter many difficulties. After all, as you know, advertising alcohol in the Russian Federation, including Instagram, is forbidden. In this article we will describe how to promote the blog of a bar in accordance with the legislation of this country.

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Inviting famous bloggers

The first thing to do is to fill the account with beautifully made photos of glasses with various drinks. Plus, engaging text and hashtags. Now you can do a promotion. Where to start from? Pay attention at the obvious ways. Invitation of well-known and not-so-well people for a joint tasting has recommended itself well in this topic. Let them sit, drink and post their Stories.

The method is as good as it is complicated. The first thing that is important to do is to select those who visit because of the “free” food and drink correctly. For this, study the profiles of the bloggers, learn their habits and interests of their audience. You can use another way and buy 40 Instagram likes. But will there be any effect from it?

Before the “tasting” part, have a small educational program for your guests:

  • It is impossible to speak about the benefits of alcohol
  • It is impossible to condemn sobriety
  • Photos with drinking alcohol are excluded

Guest bloggers should write compliments to the snacks, bar atmosphere, etc. Only their audience should know what they drink with a juicy steak.

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Other ways to promote bars

One of the best ways to promote coffee shops, bars and restaurants is described above. How else can one promote a bar:

  1. Advertising in the local communities. In any city there are several communities popular among the citizens. Consider the specifics as communities for moms and school students are not suitable for alcohol topics.
  2. Mass-following. The method will always be popular. There are programs that will help pick an audience for this way of promotion and unfollow those who do not follow you. But consider the age of the account holders. Buy 10 likes on Instagram for your blog.
  3. Competitor bases. Estimate the audience of other institutions on similar subject in your city. You can work with them using mass-following or mass-liking.


Remember that when working with this topic, alcohol should not be there at the forefront. Instagram algorithms reveal such photos and block them. You can shoot snacks nicely, but leave glasses with the drinks in the background. But bottles with labels will not work even as a background. In the texts to the photo, do not use the name of the brands of alcoholic beverages and do not mention drinks. “Sparkling” will be OK, but a cocktail alongside with a colorful photo from the bar can cause problems during the moderation of the image.