How to Increase Instagram Engagement?

With the help of Instagram, you can easily collect the target audience or increase the awareness of your brand. However, to achieve the described goals without an impressive number of likes will not work. In this article, we share useful tips and secrets on how to increase engagement!


  1. Why are likes so important?
  2. Methods of gaining likes

2.1. Interesting content

2.2. Viral video

2.3. IGTV

2.4. Hashtags and geolocation

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Why are likes so important?

Before proceeding to the description of ways to get more likes on Instagram, you need to understand what their meaning is. In fact, the number of “like” marks is a qualitative component of your profile, clearly demonstrating whether you are able to:

  • find a common language with the audience;
  • hook the followers;
  • establish contact, build feedback.

How to get a bunch of likes on Instagram? At first glance, everything seems extremely simple: you take a beautiful photo, add a smart text and wait for the results. However, in reality it is somewhat different. And partly it is the fault of the internal algorithms of the social network that determine to whom and when your post will be shown. Hence, the best way to get more likes on Instagram is to be active. Only by constant updating of your profile you will be able to ensure that posts are actively displayed to the followers.

Methods of gaining likes

However, the ability to be seen is far from the only factor determining the success and popularity of your account. According to the latest statistics, Instagram users are becoming less and less sensitive and perceptive, more reluctant to rate posts and share comments. Therefore, it is very important to be able to interest them, to establish contact. How can this be done? A selection of the most effective tricks is below!


Initially, this service was conceived as an alternative platform that can compete with YouTube. The plan was not fully conceived, but the Instagram management does not lose hope and continues to promote the new tool in every way. That is why when uploading video to IGTV, you automatically get to completely different filters and algorithms. They help increase video views on Instagram.

How to expand coverage? Upload the video to IGTV, and then share it in the main feed. This is a good way to increase activity, it allows to attract new followers and, of course, get the coveted likes.

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Interesting content

Quality is the main criterion that determines the success of your account. Whatever chips and tricks you use in your blogging activities, the results will be minimal if you do not work on the profile content. What is meant here? All published photos and videos should be:

  • copyright and original;
  • in high resolution;
  • supplemented by unique text.

In other words, there is always the human factor. If people are interested, they put likes!

Viral videos

Perhaps one of the most effective types of content that always works well. The only caveat – you need to be creative enough to understand what to shoot. Always stay in the information flow, make situations, follow current trends. Another option is to borrow ideas from foreign bloggers.

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Hashtags and geolocation

Not so long ago, there was a wave of discussions that hashtags do not work. Yes, indeed, with the wrong approach, they give minimal results. However, if you use “likes4likes” which is not boring to everyone, but something fashionable and popular, going to the top will not take long. To understand what kind of words are trending now, you need to follow the leading bloggers, look at what people are following.

Summing it up, we can conclude that getting a lot of likes is not so difficult. However, you should be prepared to work hard on the quality of the content, as well as constantly analyze the performance.