How to Earn a Good Income on Instagram

It’s no secret that many bloggers use Instagram for making money. And although in the register of occupations, a blogger is not listed, such activity can lead to a good income. It will be times higher than the salary of a worker at the plant or a senior researcher in a scientific research institute. The main thing is to gather a large audience, and even a student will deal with the monetization of the blog. Sometimes even the owners of well-promoted accounts have difficulties with a decent payment for their work. On this page of our blog, we will tell how to earn well on your Instagram activity.


  • Earning on Instagram
  • Promotion of products
  • Brand promotion
  • Conclusion

Earning on Instagram

You can mention some products in your Stories or posts. This can be done not explicitly, but simply to mention that you have a bike or skateboard by a certain company. The distributors will pay the author for such advertising. You can first write to the representatives of these brands and tell that you would like to make a post about your products. Why not to pay you for mentioning their trademarks?

Some promotion services allow to get 50 free Instagram likes. Let them be the beginning of your journey to a popular blog.

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Promotion of products

Good “go” on Instagram can be selling online courses. If you are an expert in any field and want to share knowledge, create a course. If you have a well-promoted blog, then among its followers there will be those who would like to buy lessons from you. You can teach manicure or more exotic things, for example, raising Highsek White breeds in the conditions of the Central Black Soil Region. Instagram becomes not only an entertainment social network, but also an important source of practical information. Therefore, courses on beekeeping, plant immunization, etc. allow you to get a high and stable income.

Brand promotion

In the global economy, there is such a thing as “brand ambassadors” (ambassadors). They can be athletes and promote clothing lines, musicians, guitar brands, actors, advertising perfume, etc. Become ambassadors and well-known bloggers. Of course, this opportunity is not open to everyone. It is necessary to be really popular and have a multimillion audience of followers. But, if you seriously want to start Instagram blogging, keep this opportunity in mind. Manufacturers of watches, electronic gadgets, banks, etc., are promote their brands this way. But most ambassadors are in the high fashion and sportswear industry.

A program for likes for Instagram iOS helps to promote your blog for free. Perhaps it will become the tool that will lead to popularity on Instagram.

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If you do not have your own promoted channel yet, then you can promote the already existing sites. Many famous people do not mind having a profile on Instagram, but they cannot afford it because of the tight schedule. If you have access to such people, help them tell about themselves in the social network. Take care of your account for a certain revenue from advertising.