How to Become Successful on Instagram

Absolutely all famous Instagram users started from scratch. Therefore, absolutely anyone can become a successful blogger on the social network, but for this you need to make some efforts. Instagram content creators who have a huge audience make good money. This app allows to upload photos and videos, write interesting and fascinating texts. And earning through Instagram occurs in various ways, but most often it is done on publication of other people’s advertising posts for a certain fee. And the higher is the activity on the user’s Instagram page, the higher is their income. You need to know how to start a blog on Instagram in order to become popular.


  • What to tell about on Instagram
  • How to properly develop an Instagram page
  • Using various Instagram services
  • Ways to promote an Instagram account

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What to tell about on Instagram

There are a huge number of topics that can be published on this social network. But before registering an account, it is important to choose the appropriate topics, think over the style of the narration, and also take care of the quality of the uploaded photos or videos. You can take a look at the accounts of inspiring bloggers. Of course, most of the topics are already occupied by other users, but nothing prevents you from creating your own page and making it very interesting and attractive for followers, even if similar accounts already exist. On Instagram, you can talk about travels, about taking care for pets, about breeding plants at home and in the countryside, upload photos and videos of cooking recipes, share reviews about cosmetics and other products. But it’s important to publish the high-quality content and write interestingly and fascinatingly so that users enjoy reading posts and leaving comments, put likes and make reposts.

How to properly develop an Instagram page

After the page has been created on Instagram, it is necessary to begin its development. No need to publish posts every hour, as many users do not like the information in the news feed from the same author. It is better to publish from 1 to 3 posts daily, but you need to observe the time interval. The best time for publications is considered to be morning and 6 PM, when visiting Instagram is most active. The text should be written without spelling and punctuation errors. Do not use heavy phrases and compound sentences, as this complicates the perception of information. In your text, it is important to communicate with readers, ask questions so that after reading they can write comments on this publication. Any comments, even negative ones, increase the activity of the page.

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Using various Instagram services

The app’s developers are constantly updating Instagram, adding various functions. A few years ago, the Stories feature appeared. These are short videos, the duration of which does not exceed 15 seconds. Until now, Stories is an up-to-date function for promoting a blog on Instagram. You can upload an unlimited number of such videos. You can shoot live streams, which are one of the varieties of stories, but shooting takes place in real time, and the duration is 60 minutes. When recording videos and photos, you can use various filters presented by the administration of Instagram. You can also add emoticons, emoji and stickers that allow to create fun and not boring stories.

Ways to promote an Instagram account

In addition to adhering to the above tips, there are other ways to quickly increase followers and likes in your Instagram account. Methods can be both free and paid. You can independently send out invitations to become a page follower or use the free program for boosting likes and followers. But these methods take a lot of time and can also lead to account blocking. Experienced bloggers recommend using the All-SMM service. The service helps to increase the activity on the page, increase the number of followers and likes, and the cost of such promotion is very favorable. The job is done quickly, and positive reviews indicate the high quality of the specialists.

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If you decide to develop an Instagram account actively, you need to think through the topics of publications in advance, take care of high-quality and bright photographs, and try to promote the page as quickly as possible. It is up to the user to decide what way to do this.