How and Why to Write Texts on Instagram

Photos alone cannot hold the user’s attention, viewers need food for their mind in the form of an interesting and catchy text. Therefore, it is important for each blogger to understand the purpose and format of the posts that they post in the future and receive the most likes on Instagram ever.


  • Purpose of the text
  • How to write text

Purpose of the text

There are two most obvious aspects that make it so important to start writing texts: to keep interest, and to create trust.

If you start writing useful and interesting posts, many users will be ready to stay with you just for the sake of valuable information. Decide what topic you are well-versed in, or want to understand and start writing a blog to attract the right audience, begin to understand your area of ​​knowledge and find the answer to the question: “How can I get more likes on Instagram?”.

And the second aspect is trust. When you express your personal thoughts, experience, desires and goals to the audience, there appears not just interest, but trust, thanks to which you can get regular and responsive readers. And if you decide to monetize your blog, then trust will play an enormous role: the advertising on your page will begin to receive a lot of feedback and interest from users, which in its turn will attract even more advertisers, and therefore earnings.

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How to write text

First of all, remember that Instagram is not a scientific site, or a tribune where people want to throw themselves in complex terms and clerical. Users of social networks come there to relax, have fun, read, or see something interesting, exciting, but easy, and therefore the language you use should be simple. Leave difficult terms and abstruse thoughts for the classes at the university, or meetings at work, while on Instagram give more of yourself to the public, keep the text as if you are talking to friends.

When you have learnt the most important rule, it is recommended to learn a couple more important truths:

  • one post – one topic: the text should keep the reader from the beginning to the end, highlighting a particular issue, so that they do not have to stop in the middle of the post with the thoughts: “What are you trying to tell me?”;
  • determine the target audience: decide what kind of audience you would like to see in your blog, maybe supporters of a healthy lifestyle or people interested in psychology. And based on these data, determine the topics of posts. By the way, sometimes the terms will be needed if, for example, you decide to get engaged in the popularization of science on Instagram, just get ready for the fact that it will be more difficult for the public to recruit.

And what is most important: do not be afraid to be yourself, people will like reading exactly your thoughts and understand what person you are.