Good business tips on Instagram for beginners

Instagram has long ceased to be a place to communicate and enjoy beautiful photos. The most advanced users have long realized that you can earn good money here because every day there are more than 700 million people! Bloggers create information products, companies and brands communicate with customers and announce new products, showrooms and workshops sell their products. Open and native advertising, influencers, high-quality and spectacular photos do their job – we watch the tape and want to buy. Where, if not in Instagram, you can be tempted by a beautiful picture and buy something without leaving home? If you are just starting to run a selling account and want to earn, you just need our useful business Instagram tips!


1.  Start a regular blog

2.  Let’s get exclusive!

3.  Personal communication with subscribers

4.  Inspire and give emotions!

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Start a regular blog

For those who are just starting out, the first tip is to create and maintain a regular page. In the future, it can become a “store on the couch”, but at the initial stage it is worth focusing on the base, causing the trust of the first subscribers, without trying to sell them something immediately. Keep a blog, telling about your life, the identity of those who create the product. Show interesting moments of production and brand history. Subscribers love useful information, good advice and communication. Answer their questions, respond to comments, put response likes, and show interest.

Check out the information on how to enable notifications for Instagram and correctly fill out the profile, upload videos and photos. Pay attention to the visual component and high-quality texts. In short, first be a simple blogger who does not have a goal to sell something. Look around, understand who your potential customers are, what they are interested in. Make sure you have newest Instagram update to use all of its options. Track trends and successful profiles in your niche.

In the first stages, it is better to speed up the process of promoting your Instagram account so that as many people as possible know about you. Use high-quality services with positive reviews for promotion, such as ALL-SMM. By offering good content, you will retain a new audience and get a faster return on your investment. Once you have a sufficient number of live subscribers, formed the format and style of the blog, made conclusions and set goals, you can start selling and advertising companies in the social network itself and through bloggers.

Let’s get exclusive!

After your profile is translated into a business page format, start selling by posting selling posts and stories, showing your product and services, and naming the price. At the same time, do not forget that the account must remain interesting and useful, as well as acquire new subscribers.

What should make people subscribe to your profile? Make it something special, like a place where something will be played out regularly. This can be a pizza raffle on Fridays for pizzerias or delivery services, a set of samples for a cosmetics showroom, or a free haircut for hairdressers. The influx and activity of subscribers are provided, and you will have topics for posts and stories-announcements of the draw, its results, photos and videos with the winner, etc.

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Exclusive can also be:

1.  Notifications about promotions and discounts, products of the day and promo codes.

2.  Launch new items online, making their announcement, pumping up the atmosphere of waiting for a new product, creating intrigue.

3.  Auctions, contests, tasks with prizes.

4.  Showing behind the scenes of production, product creation. People love secrets and want to see what is usually hidden! Show some part of your business from the inside.

5.  Participation of subscribers in the creation of the product. For example, they can offer their own names or ingredients.

Personal communication with subscribers

Even after switching to the status of a business account and gathering a large audience, do not forget about simple human communication.

For example, a regular live broadcast with the CEO, answers to customer questions in stories or in video format, a mini-consultation in the post. Promote your Instagram manually: like, comment, subscribe to other profiles. Keep track of who is going on in your direct and in the comments, do not leave questions and comments unattended. Incredible, but true: a simple Emoji sent to a follower in the comments can make him your loyal follower and customer for years to come. Tag customers in photos and stories, take photos with them, ask them to write reviews and use your hashtag, repost their posts about you and thank them for any activity.

Inspire and give emotions!

People are irritated by constant advertising and the feeling when you constantly want to sell something. Don’t be Intrusive, become useful and inspiring, valuable and irreplaceable. What emotions do you want to evoke? What are you working for? What do you want to bring to the world? Perhaps the worst thing that can be-dry official advertising account with standard photos and captions to them. Such profiles with a “fake” audience can be seen immediately, and they will not have live subscribers, no matter how good the product is.

Getting a manicure? Let your account become a place of development and communication of active ladies, where there will be a lot of good free content on self-care, reviews of new products and fashion trends. Collect inspirational stories about how a manicure changed someone’s self-esteem or life, or maybe you have funny cases from practice?

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Do you paint to order? Share your knowledge about artists and painting techniques, advise the best exhibitions, brushes and paints. Learn to draw something simple live or story, help the audience to see the shades and details that only a professional knows about.

If you really love what you do, are in love with your business or product-pass this love to your followers on Instagram. Thinking not only about the level of sales, but also about what potential customers need, you will make your profile successful and selling. When investing in the quality of content, don’t forget about its benefits for the audience – this is the formula for success. Good luck!