Features of using the dark mode in Instagram

Dark design appeared in the latest version of the app. After the update, the background turns black, and the labels and icons turn white. The theme applies to all sections. Night mode on Instagram is available to users of smartphones with iOS 13 or Android 10.


  1. Ways to change the color theme

1.1. Changing the color mode on Android

1.2. Dark design for IPhone

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Ways to change the color theme

The black theme appeared in update First, the design was tried by owners of phones with the Android 10 operating system. Then the innovation became available on iOS13. The theme is also available on some devices with Android 9 Pie. In other cases, you will have to use special mods and extensions to get Instagram in a dark shade. You can set the light inversion, but then the hue will change not only the interface, but also the publications.

Ways to change the theme in Instagram:

  • Installing the Dark Mode app (a method that is relevant for the Android operating system);
  • Changing the color inversion (this method is used for IPhones);
  • Use special extensions (for browsers on your computer).

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Changing the color mode on Android

On the Android 10 operating system, you can make a dark background in Instagram through the settings. To do this, just install the latest version of the app, and the color change is performed automatically, if there is such a function on the phone.

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Steps for setting the dark mode in Instagram on Android:

  1. Update the app via Play Market.
  2. Go to settings via the phone menu (gear icon).
  3. Go to the Display section.
  4. Click on the “Advanced” item and select the “dark” option.

For earlier versions of Android, you can use the Dark Mode app to change the theme. The disadvantages of this method include the ability to pick up viruses and transfer personal data to fraudsters. After installing the app, you must open and log in to Instagram by entering your username and password. After that, the browser version of the program opens, where you can post photos and conduct correspondence, but it will be impossible to use masks and conduct a live broadcast.

Dark design for IPhone

For iOS 13, an official Instagram theme change is available. The function is launched in a few clicks. If you want, you can always go back to the white design.

How to install a dark theme on an IPhone:

  1. Update Instagram to the latest available version in the App Store;
  2. Go to settings on your phone;
  3. Go to the Display and Brightness section»;
  4. Click on “Dark”.

For earlier versions of iOS, you can set a black theme using the color inversion function. Classic and smart options are available on IPhones. The second option allows you to change the color of only the background and buttons, and not the entire system. The classic version completely changes the colors on your phone, including photos and videos.

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To use inversion, go to settings and select the “Main” section. Then you need to go to universal access, select “display Adaptation”. Then you should run the “Smart color inversion” (the user can also click on the standard option). Then you just need to go to Instagram to check the function. Inversion is not available if the app does not allow you to work with the changed phone settings.

Setting the dark mode in Instagram gives the app a more business-like look and reduces the load on your eyesight. The main drawback of the function is the change in the design of the entire system. Black theme is quite popular among users, so it is possible that soon the developers of Instragram will launch new color schemes.